It feels like a thousand years since the last time, but MOMOFOKO is finally back.
The release of their new series of singles (Static, Crystalline and Stare at the Sun), marks a new chapter in the tale of MOMOFOKO.

The new songs are in many ways classic MOMOFOKO songs. The steady drums, the lush synthesizers and the funky Moog basslines are all there. And don´t worry, the unmistakable voice of singer Mårten Holst is still keeping it all together. But time moves forward, and so does MOMOFOKO.

The new sound is a new way for MOMOFOKO to approach their electronic indie.

A new producer, a new studio, a new way of thinking and a newfound love for simplicity. With only four remaining members the songs have more room for the silence between the notes.

But you should not listen to that kind of talk, MOMOFOKO is only looking forward, they are not lingering. They are eager to make a splash on the live stages and on the radio once again.

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